Art To Inspire And Empower Change

Art has the function to explain, to critic and to illuminate.


trained as a photographer, model and an artist, my work is a blend of these passions.

I am interested in change. I am interested in a green revolution. 

I care about our planet, about social life and transformation and that’s what I am hoping to communicate in my work.

Mostly, I work with NGO’s and green start ups that want to use art, art activism, installation or special events as a vehicle to communicate their message. 

I am based in Milan, Italy and Berlin.


Windows of Consumption

#consumerism #plastic

Desire Usage Waste

#upcycling #design


#socialstudy #funny

Trashdisplay with PlanAEarth

#artinstallation #cleanup

fruit Stickers

#artproject #still-life

Pocket Hero

#portableashtray #design

My projects are vehicles to inspire people to become aware of how our culture might influence our individual decisions. The goal is to question static structures and raise questions about them- and at the same time trying to find answers to how to live more self-aware, in harmony with the planet and with our own personal and cultural identities.

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Presenting More Than 600 Artists And 500+ Innovators As Well As Great Authors Finding Solutions Against The Plastic Epidemic.

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