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About Me

My mission is to help and inspire you and me to become more aware of how our culture might influence our individual decisions. My art has the goal to question these given structures and raise questions about them- and at the same time trying to find answers to how to live more self-aware, in harmony with the planet and with our cultural identities.

My mediums are photography, design, installations and writing.

I care about minimalizing the use of  new resources, upcycling, sustainable consumerism and the protection of nature caused by human intervention, also called Anthropocene.


Impact Art

Windows of Consumption has proven to have an impact on people’s buying behavior and it’s an inspiration for a more thoughtful way of living.

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Realized projects

  • organizer of clothing swap event at Tabare, berlin
  • photography group exhibition with FK collective, berlin
  • co-organizer photography exhibition, music and clothing swap event at villa neukölln, berlin

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