7 + 1 reasons why I love clothing swaps

What is a clothing swap?
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Simply said, it’s an event where you can bring your used clothes and you can exchange / swap these with other people’s clothes. Usually, in order for your clothes to be accepted to a clothing swap, they need to be clean and in a good shape (without holes, stains, etc). value of your token.

For example:

If you bring 1 pair of leather vintage shoes from the 60’s, you might get a good amount of tokens, while a shirt from H & M will give you fewer. Some events have tokens based on this value system, others simply on the amount of pieces you bring, others don’t have them at all.

Let’s get to the 7 REASONS WHY I love clothing swaps and you will, hopefully, too.

Reason no. 1: Zero Cost

Clothing swaps usually don’t cost anything to attend, only if there are special activities such as a tombola/ dj/ etc. there might be a small entry fee (usually not more than 5,00 euro)

Swapping clothes is entirely free. Everyone brings clothes that they have already paid for and exchange them with other clothes, you won’t have to pay a dime on whatever you get from a clothing swap.

Reason no. 2: Zero Waste

As there are no shopping bags, price tags, receipts, etc. you are not producing any new  waste, and hopefully your tokens will be out of paper. Plus points for the environment 🙂

Reason no. 3: A bit of “Nervenkitzel”

You never know which new treasures you might discover on a clothing swap and WHEN you will discover them. You could be looking around for an hour without finding anything at all, and then all the sudden, you might find the jacket you always wanted. jigs! In German we call this “Nervenkitzel”- the feeling when you feel very l intrigued by something, and slightly excited.

Reason no. 4: You meet likeminded people

Most likely, you will encounter people who are in some ways into sustainability, alternative lifestyle, vintage, fashion …

If that’s your thing, you will be in good company. I had some good chats on clothing swaps!

Reason no. 5: Find new treasures for your wardrobe

Some of my rarest and most special clothes come all from clothing swaps!

For example, my black, puffy jacket made in the DDR, or my marine blue vintage dress. What’s boring or too small for someone else, might be just what you were always looking for! With the right amount of patience and some luck you can find rare vintage or second hand pieces which you wouldn’t find anywhere else..

Become a hunter!

Reason no. 6: You spare resources

Not buying new means you don’t use any new resources, such as the energy and logistics and material it takes to make the new clothing. Instead you rely on what’s already been made.

Reason no. 7: You learn how to let go of clothes

If you regularly visit clothing swaps, you will also regularly choose clothes to let go off and swap with others.  This is a good way to make choices about your wardrobe, to decide whether you really need or want that pair of jeans, or not.

Reason no. 8: Its becoming more and more diverse

Girls, boys, singles, families, youngsters and oldies.. Clothing swaps are becoming more and more diverse, as their popularity go up!

I hope you enjoyed reading these 7 reasons on why In love clothing swaps! Please leave questions, comments or tips in the comments. I am happy to hear from you!

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